Just at a first glance, you can see that this house is something really different than other rentals in the neighborhood. With wooden roof stretching almost to the ground, big glass balcony doors overlooking Kozjak lake, stone basement, wooden beams hanging from ceiling and impressive design, entering the Home you can feel as though you have entered into architects home in the 70-ties. However, the house is completely renovated, respectfully keeping the spirit of that age. 



Keep in mind, this is still a wooden house surrounded by 3500 square meters of private property. So if you hear some scratching on the roof, that are probably our 2 squirrels fighting over a hazelnut and during winter time be sure to take a look out on the field to find some fresh rabbit tracks in the snow.


Architect’s home Plitivce is equipped with everything you think you need and some more: central heating system powered by organic pelettes, (air condition is really not necessary), lots of extras for the kids, wellness area for “big kids”, kitchen with coffee/tea machine, ice maker, wine fridge, bread baker,satelite TV, wi-fi, hi-fi docking station,….the house is completely self-sustainable for you to enjoy, and if it weren’t for these beautiful lakes that are 10 minutes walk from the house, you would probably never want to go out.



Lets take a tour of the house:



Ground floor is the only floor made out of stone and concrete. This is THE PARTY part of the house. You can enter it from the garden or down the stairs from the first floor, since the main entrance of the house is on the 1st floor. Going down the stairs, first you will find our wellness area. Equipped with big tailor made sauna, shower and a hot tub and a relaxing are, it is for adults only area. Please keep in mind you are using it at your own responsibility. Down the hallway, you will arrive to a party room that leads to the garden. Party room has nice area to mingle with friends, fully equipped kitchen (also used as summer kitchen for barbecue) and a fridge with a bar.



When you arrive at the property and park the car, main entrance to the house gets you directly on the first floor. This is the very heart of the house. You can find there also a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with a shower, dinning area,  2 large sofas (that can be stretched for more bed accommodation), fireplace and a reading area, and balcony overlooking the property. There are also special area for kinds with bean bag and lost of toys in the treasure chest.

Weather you just want to have breakfast in the terrace under the sun, or read a book with cracking sound of wood burning in the fireplace, this area is suited to indulge your every need.



Going up the stairs, you will arrive to the 2nd floor and sleeping area. There are two bedrooms and a bathroom here. Master bedroom has king sized bed, a couch that can also be used as an extra bed, and a kinder-bed. We can arrange the room taking into account your sleeping conditions for kids.

Bathroom is equipped with large hot tub and lots of water toys for kids to enjoy.

Second room is overlooking the forest and parking lot, and is tailor-made for all of you that need that extra hour of darkness and sleep in the morning. It has two queen sized beds that can accommodate 4 people.